Dhruv Rathee - What if I become India's Prime Minister

There is no doubt that Dhruv Rathee is a very important political voice. He has launched a new video:

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Solutions are simplistic - “remove corruption from top”? The system is deep and complex. How will this be implemented?
  2. It has a refreshing ambition - People who usually do “public policy” are stuck with the minutiae of politics. Sometimes not knowing helps.
  3. Our politicians are stupider - The speeches of current parliamentarians are so bad and pedestrian, at least Rathee tries to be coherent.

What are your views?

(Here was a list I had compiled a year ago: 25 Ideas for the Next 25 Years. We survived 75 years! A lot of progress… | by Rushabh Mehta | Medium)

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I don’t think he’s capable of doing this
Finding problems & criticism of ruling government from foreign countries is totally different from
Taking care of country & making it better