Let's run our first campaign, what should it be about?

One way to attract more folks is to run campaigns online - A campaign will tell everyone what we are about and then hopefully get more people to join this movement.

Campaign should be something that has a broad resonance to the general public and this community. What do you want to change in India? Here are some things I had thought about earlier.

Any ideas? Let’s throw some suggestions, then we can vote.


The biggest reason, in my opinion, why an incapable person (who has either power of violence or money) gets the office is because most of us are bad or lazy at thinking.

The antidote to it would be “to teach people how to think critically.”

What if there’s a free course, all online, that one can take to learn everything they want WITHOUT EVER GOING TO SCHOOL?

Thoughtful parents would rather have their kids homeschooled than learn something tainted by propaganda. And it could be for all of us – victims of fake news, non-criticial thinkers, etc.

A good and accessible education would be fundamental to sound democracy.

I volunteer to create this course if the collective finds any merit in it.


I don’t think this is true. I would say everyone is capable of critical thinking trying to optimise based on what they are capable.

I would encourage you to create content though. More debates and discussion will only trigger more inquiry.

I highly appreciate this thought, although there exist an author whose central philosophy revolves around this topic, namely Shwetabh Gangwar. He gives his reviews on different topics and mainly preaches about how to think. There is an entire book called - The Rudest Book Ever, by him which discusses various topics strongly based on Indian Context. You must check his channels out. Dropping links below :

On this, I think @mohitmamoria wanted to mention how people many times incline towards their biases or borrowed mentality because of which they tend to make decisions which are not entirely based on their independent thoughts. I think media also has significant part in this. Since many news channels often present views which are a bit biased towards some party or thought (wouldn’t want to name). So, if people know how to segregate these outer noises and make informed decisions, they will be able to choose better.

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I think Education would be a good topic. We can try to define some specific targets for what we mean by World Class education. We can look at countries like Finland that has implemented many good ideas. We should be spending more money on basic infra structure, training teachers etc.

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Nice, let me start a thread on this, and maybe a topic as well?

How about safety?

  1. Women safety
  2. Safety of people from different faith
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What about bringing political parties under RTI, and making electoral bonds transparent?


@vasundhar @aryak do you guys want to start new threads on these topics?