Report card for Modi 2.0

There does not seem to be an independent analysis for the current government’s performance on key issues like economy, justice, social welfare, foreign policy etc.

Let’s try and make one? Please share your thoughts and inputs.


Sounds good. We could list out the key issues and each of us can take one of them up and try our best on it. My core area of knowledge is in the manufacturing sector and policies related to that. Someone not having in depth knowledge of that area may find it difficult to write about it, in my opinion.

Its hard to find unbiased analysis but found one report-card from the Economist. Here are some of the charts

India’s share of global GDP continues to grow

Rural wages are flat :-1:

Poverty continues to fall impressively :+1:

Huge jump in infra investments :+1:

Democracy falls :-1:


Watched a video by Think School a while back.
Though it doesn’t cover much about democracy/freedom of press, it makes some good points about the economy, internal security and infrastructure. Do you think it’s biased?

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