Safety and Welfare of Citizens

It is sad every political party want to leverage issues relating to women safety, or welfare, safety of the people belonging to different faiths.
Once they come to power, it’s business as usual.

Should Women Safety, and Respect for the people belonging to Different faiths be important for us to be calling ourselves a Secular Democratic country?
With Women, there are rapes and harassment which is grossly ignored, w/ Minorities there are restrictions on life, freedom of expression, threats and lynchings.

How do we make political leaders accountable for the hate speech and crimes committed against them?
What is the best way to address this?

  1. Just wondering if this is really a political problem, that can be solved ?
  2. Is it interesting to the folks here to take up, because I am concerned and I would love to contribute however I can in that pursuit

@vasundhar I think this is a hard problem.

We have the police and judiciary in place to maintain safety of citizens, but these systems appear very broken.

As of now, India has around 5.5 lakh people in jails, out of which 4.5 lakh are undertrials. That is, nearly 80% in Indian jails not proven guilty!

This means that the police is the de-facto judiciary in India and there is no system of checks and balance that ensures the police behave justly.

Also the police appointments are controlled by the political bosses so that makes the political leaders directly responsible for justice in India.

If you want to fix anything, I think you have to fix the politics.

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